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Sophie Conder
Sophie Conder / Instagram
About Sophie Conder
Birth PlaceEngland
Birth DateJanuary 312012
Zodiac SignAquarius
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Sophie Conder?

Sophie Conder, an English social media influencer and prominent figure on YouTube, is recognized for her involvement in the family YouTube channel, Dad V Girls, where she collaborates with other members of her family. Their collective efforts have garnered substantial affection and support from their dedicated followers.

What Is Sophie Conder’s Full Name?

Her full name is Sophie Rose Conder, but she is better known as Sophie.

How Many Social Media Followers Does She Have?

The YouTube channel associated with her family boasts an impressive count of over 2 million subscribers (@DadVGirls), and their family Instagram account (@dadvgirls) has garnered a significant following of over 800,000 devoted followers. Furthermore, on her personal Instagram account (@sophieconder), she has amassed a following of more than 100,000 individuals.

What Is The Height Of Sophie Conder?

She is about 4 feet or 121.92 cm tall.

Who Is In Her Family?

Joel Conder is her father, while Sarah is her mother. She has two older sisters Kaci and Grace, and two younger sisters Chloe, and Madison.

What Is Her Birthplace?

She was born in England, United Kingdom.

Has She Endorsed Any Brand?

In collaboration with her family, Sophie has participated in endorsing and promoting several brands via social media platforms. Noteworthy among these partnerships are affiliations with brands such as NIVEA UK, Reading Eggs, and more.

Sophie Conder Facts

  1. In June 2019, Sophie received her inaugural bicycle, an occasion that the family commemorated by uploading a video on their channel titled “WE GOT SOPHIE HER FIRST BIKE.”
  2. She derives great enjoyment from engaging in trampolining activities.
  3. Given the choice, Sophie would select her mother over her father, and when deciding between her older sisters Kaci and Grace, she would opt for Kaci.
  4. She has expressed that her mother holds the special place of being her best friend.
  5. She has also made appearances in YouTube videos on her older sister Kaci’s individual channel, named Kaci-Jay. Notably, she has been featured in a video titled “My LITTLE sister does my MAKEUP!!!”
  6. In one of the family’s YouTube videos, Sophie Conder shared her preference for a tuna sandwich over chicken and rice.
  7. Sophie Conder’s preference leans towards choosing coke over tea.
  8. She likes oranges more than raspberries.


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