Rhys Dawkins Age, Facts, Family, Biography, Career

Rhys Dawkins
Rhys Dawkins / Instagram
About Rhys Dawkins
OccupationTikTok Star
Birth PlaceCanada
Birth DateJuly 162000
Zodiac SignGemini
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Rhys Dawkins?

Rhys Dawkins, a prominent figure on TikTok from Canada, garners attention for his TikTok content, which primarily consists of dance routines, lifestyle vignettes, and lip-sync performances shared on his account.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram (@rhysdawkins) and over 4 million followers on TikTok (@rhysdawkins).

He also has a YouTube channel (@RhysDawkins) with a subscriber count of more than 100,000.

What Is The Height Of Rhys?

He is about 5 feet 8 inches or 172.72 cm tall.

What Is His Birthplace?

He was born in Vancouver, Canada.

Has He Endorsed Any Brand?

Through his social media presence, he has endorsed and promoted many popular brands, such as Ghost Boards, Inc., and many more.

Does Rhys Have A Girlfriend?

He has been in a romantic relationship with fellow social media star and content creator Brooklyn Hislop.

Rhys Dawkins Facts

  1. Rhys ventured into the YouTube community by launching his own channel, named after himself, on September 7, 2015. His initial upload, titled “FIRST VIDEO EVER, GOT A LITTLE MESSY! GO KARTING,” was posted on January 2, 2018, marking the beginning of his journey on the platform.
  2. His admiration is directed towards Maia Mitchell, the talented Australian singer and actress, whom he considers his celebrity crush.
  3. He maintains friendships with a diverse circle of individuals including Dylan Hartman, Andre Swilley, Marc Gomez, Markie Werox, Danielle Cohn, Blake Gray, Jeremy Hutchins, Ben Herman, Cash Baker, Payton Moormeier, Josh Richards, Jackson Felt, Luca Schaefer-Charlton, and Maverick Baker.
  4. He often collaborates with TikTok sensation Luca Schaefer-Charlton, engaging in various projects and content creation endeavors together.
  5. Rhys has expressed that he finds jazz to be the most challenging style of dance.
  6. In September 2020, he shared a TikTok video capturing the moment his mother arrived home with a new cat.
  7. In 2017, he took on a role in the YouTube series titled “The Girl Without a Phone.”
  8. In the episodes “A Snow White Story” and “A Rapunzel Story,” Rhys portrayed the character Steve.
  9. Rhys has frequently shared numerous photos alongside Brooklyn Hislop on his Instagram page (@rhysdawkins).
  10. Rhys exhibited his passion for dance from a young age, engaging in competitive dance during his high school years from grades 10 to 12.
  11. Through his high school experience, he developed improvisational skills and achieved consecutive second-place victories at the Canadian nationals in 2016 and 2017.


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