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Pearce Joza
Pearce Joza / Instagram
About Pearce Joza
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateSeptember 62002
Zodiac SignVirgo
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is Pearce Joza?

Pearce Joza, a highly recognizable American actor, has made a lasting mark in the entertainment industry, particularly through his standout performances in several notable TV shows. Most notably, he is celebrated for his portrayal of Spyder Johnson on Disney XD’s Mech-X4, where his charisma and talent shone through, making him a fan favorite.

In addition to Mech-X4, Pearce Joza‘s talent was further showcased when he took on the role of Daniel Davenport in Lab Rats in 2016. This portrayal demonstrated his versatility as an actor, as he effortlessly transitioned from one character to another, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram (@pearcejoza) and over 1 million followers on TikTok (@pearcejoza).

What Are The Educational Details Of Pearce Joza?

He enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where he received training under the expert tutelage of instructors Sharon Chatten and Larry Moss.

What Is The Height Of Pearce Joza?

He is about 5 feet 9 inches or 175.26 cm tall.

What Is His Birthplace?

He was born in Durango, Colorado, United States.

Has He Endorsed Any Brand?

Through his social media presence, he has endorsed and promoted many popular brands including, Under the Lights, Walt Disney World, and many more.

Does Pearce Joza Have A Girlfriend?

He was in a romantic relationship with Baby Martin in 2020.

Pearce Joza Facts

  1. At the age of 3, he attended his first local theater production in Durango, and from that moment onward, he harbored a strong desire to step onto the stage himself.
  2. When he was just 4 years old, Pearce made his debut in a local production of “A Christmas Story,” where he portrayed the character Randy.
  3. At the age of 11, Pearce became a student at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.
  4. Pearce has also explored stand-up comedy and improvisational performance.
  5. During his formative years, he predominantly enjoyed listening to classic rock music from the 1970s and 1980s.
  6. He possesses excellent skills in making scrambled eggs.
  7. Pearce finds pleasure in activities like snowboarding, and skateboarding, and has a strong passion for playing basketball.
  8. His acting career was punctuated with his role as Young Jonnie in the captivating series Best Of Seven in 2016. His ability to bring characters to life and connect with the viewers is one of the reasons for his enduring popularity in the industry.


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