Nayeli Lo Vera Age, Facts, Family, Biography, Career

Nayeli Lo Vera
Nayeli Lo Vera / Instagram
About Nayeli Lo Vera
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateJuly 92011
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Nayeli Lo Vera?

Nayeli Lo Vera is a young dancer and social media personality who rose to fame as a member of the Rock Squad, a popular YouTube channel with over 1.85 million subscribers. The channel features loud and boisterous youthful content covering beauty, lifestyle, and prank videos.

Nayeli also uploads YouTube shorts that show her friends and they do challenge videos together. She is known for her positive energy and her ability to connect with her audience.

When Did Nayeli Start Her Online Journey?

Nayeli began her social media career in 2015 when she joined the Rock Squad. At the time, she was a junior modern dancer and used her Instagram account to showcase her early career.

Nayeli’s Personal Instagram Account

In 2020, she launched her personal Instagram account, nayeli_lo_vera, where she shares her dance moves, dancewear modeling, and even collaborations with various beauty and fashion brands directed for the young generation.

Nayeli’s Family Details

Nayeli is a close friend of her younger brother Jaxon, who also has an active Instagram account. She is often featured on his account, and they frequently collaborate on dance videos and challenges.

How Tall Is Nayeli Lo Vera?

She is approximately 4 feet 10 inches tall or 147.32 cm tall.

Nayeli’s Other Partnerships

In addition to the Rock Squad, Nayeli also collaborates with another dancer Elliana Walmsley and a videographer and dance photographer named Jordan Matter who is New York Times bestselling author as well.

The three of them often collaborate on projects, and they have also been featured in Piper Rockelle‘s YouTube videos.

Nayeli Lo Vera’s Personal Social Media Accounts

She created an account on YouTube in late October 2021 and has over 55,000 subscribers with combined views of more than 15 million.

She has over 125,000 followers on her personal (self-titled) Instagram account.


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