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Miniminter / Instagram
About Miniminter
Birth PlaceEngland
Birth DateSeptember 71992
Zodiac SignVirgo
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Miniminter?

Miniminter has garnered popularity through his self-titled YouTube channel, where he engages with a diverse range of content. His channel showcases a mix of vlogs, challenges, and collaborations, contributing to his widespread appeal in the YouTube community.

In addition to his main channel, Miniminter operates a secondary channel. This platform is dedicated to gaming content, featuring a variety of video gameplays, Let’s Play series, and entertaining moments from different gaming titles. The secondary channel allows him to connect with a gaming-focused audience, showcasing his versatility as a content creator.

What Is Miniminter’s Real Name?

His real name is Simon Edward Minter, but he is better known as Miniminter.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He has more than 8 million followers on Instagram (@miniminter), over 3 million followers on Twitch (@miniminter), and more than 4 million followers on X (@miniminter).

What Are The Educational Details Of Miniminter?

He attended Berkhamsted School and concluded his secondary education there in 2011. Following a year-long break, he enrolled at the University of Hull with the intention of studying criminology. However, he opted to discontinue his university studies after just three months.

What Is The Height Of Miniminter?

He is about 6 feet 1.5 inches or 186.69 cm tall.

Who Is In His Family?

He has two older brothers named Nick and Johnny Minter.

What Is His Birthplace?

He was born in England, United Kingdom.

Does Miniminter Have A Girlfriend?

He was in a romantic relationship with Ashley Marie (2015). He and Talia Mar‘s relationship began in 2017, with public confirmation in early 2018. They got engaged in June 2022, moved in together in February 2023, and got married in Italy in June 2023.

Miniminter Facts

  1. He is part of the YouTube group known as Sidemen, which comprises some of the most well-known male YouTubers such as KSI, Wroetoshaw, Behzinga, Zerkaa, Vikkstar123, and TBJZL.
  2. His initial encounter with his Sidemen groupmate KSI took place during their secondary school years. At that time, they had a strong dislike for each other, and their animosity escalated to the point of a physical altercation when they were around 12 or 13 years old.
  3. He drew inspiration from KSI to establish his own YouTube channel. Following his departure from university, he briefly contributed to KSI’s clothing line, Beast.
  4. He established his YouTube account in February 2008 but did not seriously contemplate uploading content consistently until nearly four years later.
  5. In December 2012, he posted his inaugural FIFA video, which he had produced shortly after departing from university.


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