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Mike Sopo
Mike Sopo / YouTube
About Mike Sopo
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateMarch 201981
Zodiac SignPisces
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Mike Sopo?

Mike Sopo, a popular YouTuber and content creator from America, has gained fame for producing videos focused on gaming and daily life, featuring his wife and children on their YouTube channel, Sopo Squad Gaming. Together with his family’s contributions, he has amassed a massive fan base not only on their main YouTube channel, Sopo Squad Gaming, but also on their vlog channel, Sopo Squad Family, and their live-streaming gaming channel, Sopo Squad Playz.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He has more than 1.5 million subscribers on his family’s YouTube channel (Sopo Squad Gaming), more than 500,000 subscribers on their vlog channel (Sopo Squad Family), and more than 400,000 subscribers on their live-streaming gaming channel (Sopo Squad Playz). His family’s Instagram account (@sopo.snaps) has more than 400,000 followers.

What Is The Height Of Mike Sopo?

He is about 5 feet 8 inches or 172.72 cm tall.

Who Is In His Family?

Happily married to Lizzy, Mike is a proud father to four wonderful children. He has one older daughter named Cammy and three sons named Austin, Parker, and Colton. Together, they make up a loving and close-knit family, often seen collaborating on their YouTube channels and sharing their joy with their loyal audience.

What Is His Birthplace?

He was born in Michigan, United States.

Has He Endorsed Any Brand?

Mike has been seen endorsing or promoting various brands through his social media presence, including L.O.L. Surprise! and Beau Hudson.

Mike Sopo Facts

  1. On March 3, 2018, Mike embarked on his YouTube journey by creating his channel, Sopo Squad Family, along with his children and wife.
  2. One of his notable videos, titled “Surprise Dream Come True!! Playing Adopt Me With Megan Plays!!,” has garnered an impressive 6+ million views.


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