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Ledger Nelson
Ledger Nelson / Instagram
About Ledger Nelson
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateJuly 202019
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Ledger Nelson?

Ledger Nelson joined the renowned Nelson family in 2019, marking a significant addition to their already popular YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons. The family has garnered widespread fame for their engaging content, which includes a mix of entertaining skits, fun challenges, and insightful vlogs.

With a diverse range of content, the Not Enough Nelsons channel has successfully captured the attention of a vast audience, accumulating over a million subscribers on YouTube. Ledger’s introduction to the family dynamic has further enriched the channel’s content, contributing to its ongoing success within the YouTube community.

What Is Ledger Nelson’s Full Name?

His real name is Ledger Nike Nelson, but he is better known as Ledger Nelson.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

His family’s YouTube channel (@notenoughnelsons) has more than 3.5 million subscribers, while their Instagram (@notenoughnelsons) has over 500,000 followers.

What Is The Height Of Ledger?

He is about 2 feet 3 inches or 68.58 cm tall.

Who Is In His Family?

Benji Nelson is his father while Tiffany is his mother.

His siblings include KassaDee Parker (Older Sister), Beckham (Older Brother), ElleCee (Older Sister), PresLee Grace (Older Sister), DeLayNee June (Older Sister), PaisLee (Older Sister), Luke (Older Brother), NayVee (Older Sister), SaiDee (Older Sister), LiLee (Older Sister), JourNee (Older Sister), KennaDee (Older Sister), Trey (Older Brother), and Jaine (Older Sister).

Ledger Nelson Facts

  1. All of Ledger’s siblings are renowned YouTube stars and active contributors to the Not Enough Nelsons YouTube channel, which was initiated on December 12, 2018.
  2. As of 2023, Ledger has a total of 15 siblings, comprising 6 biological siblings and 9 adopted siblings.
  3. The revelation of Ledger’s gender took place in the video titled “BABY GENDER Reveal! SURPRISE!” in April 2019.
  4. Ledger’s name was first introduced in an Instagram caption that accompanied a picture of his mom still pregnant with him.
  5. In 2023, Ledger’s family was consistently publishing videos on their channel every Monday, Friday, and Saturday each week.


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