Klailea Bennett Age, Facts, Family, Biography, Career

Klailea Bennett
Klailea Bennett / Instagram
About Klailea Bennett
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateJuly 62003
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is Klailea Bennett?

Klailea Bennett is the eldest sibling in the Bennett family and she has achieved widespread popularity as a vlogger on the family’s YouTube channel, The Ohana Adventure.

How Many Subscribers Does Her Channel Have?

The main channel The Ohana Adventure has amassed over 4.25 million subscribers, and Klailea’s own channel, Klailea, has over 1.35 million subscribers.

When Did Klailea Start Her Own Channel?

Klailea launched her own YouTube channel in 2018, and her first video, “KLAILEA goes on her FIRST DATE!”, quickly went viral.

She has since starred in several of The Ohana Adventure‘s most popular videos, including “Klai SNUCK all the KIDS out! She took our VAN!”.

Who All Are Part of Klailea Bennett’s Family?

Klailea’s parents are Rachel and Jase Bennett who both are full-time YouTubers. She has 5 younger siblings – sisters Rykel, Evelin, and Cora, and brothers Shae and Wyatt.

All family members are social media stars and contribute fully to the family YouTube channel The Ohana Adventure which has over 1.85 billion channel views.

Does Klailea Have A Boyfriend?

She introduced her then-boyfriend Jothan in a video in April 2021 on her Klailea YouTube channel titled “The time has finally come to meet my new…”.

What Is Klailea’s Birthplace?

She took birth in Hawaii, United States.

How Tall Is Klailea Bennett?

She is 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm tall.

What Religion Does Klailea Believe In?

She follows the Christianity faith.

Most Popular Video On Her ‘Klailea’ YouTube Channel

The video titled “SWiTCHING DiETS with a 6-YEAR-OLD for 24 HOURS!” which was uploaded in April 2019, received over 4 million views till date.

Klailea Bennett’s Facts

  1. Klailea is similar to Branson of the Tannerites in that she is the eldest child in a popular family vlog channel. Both channels have a large fan following who enjoy watching the families’ adventures and daily lives.
  2. She got homeschooled.
  3. She used to wear braces on her teeth.
  4. Klai also knows French as she has taken lessons in the language.


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