GoldenGlare Age, Facts, Family, Biography, Career

GoldenGlare / Instagram
About GoldenGlare
Birth PlaceCanada
Birth DateSeptember 291993
Zodiac SignLibra
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is GoldenGlare?

GoldenGlare, a Canadian YouTuber, social media influencer, and content creator, has amassed a significant following on various social media platforms due to her work.

What Is GoldenGlare’s Real Name?

Her real name is Kim La, but she is better known as GoldenGlare.

How Many Social Media Followers Does She Have?

She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram (@goldenglare_) and over 50,000 followers on X (@GoldenGlare_).

She has more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube (@GoldenGlare).

What Is Her Net Worth?

In 2024, she had a net worth of about $200,000.

What Is The Height Of GoldenGlare?

She is about 5 feet 4 inches or 162.56 cm tall.

Who Is In Her Family?

She has two younger sisters known as ItsFunneh (also known as Katherine La) and LunarEclipse (also known as Wenny La), an older sister named PaintingRainbows (aka. Betty), and a younger brother named DraconiteDragon (also known as Allen La).

GoldenGlare Facts

  1. Both she and Amy Lee33 are recognized for sharing Minecraft videos on their respective YouTube channels.
  2. She has incorporated Roblox content on her channel alongside Minecraft.
  3. She launched her YouTube journey with her channel titled GoldenGlare on December 28, 2009. The first video posted on her channel, titled “Saving Christmas – GRUMPY GRINCH (Minecraft Roleplay),” was uploaded on December 18, 2015.
  4. Kim also experienced bullying during her upbringing, but it was the support of her family that aided her in gaining confidence.
  5. Kim shared a photo with Ariana Grande, the renowned American singer, songwriter, and actress, on her Instagram (@goldenglare_) on April 28, 2019.
  6. One movie that she could likely watch repeatedly without getting bored is “Wreck-It Ralph,” the 2012 3D computer-animated comedy film.
  7. GoldenGlare and her siblings, who are prominent YouTubers, inaugurated the YouTube channel named Krew on September 24, 2013. They utilized the platform to post gaming content. Nonetheless, the final video titled “THE MAN OF HER DREAMS! (Sims 4 Disney Villains Challenge) #2” was posted on October 12, 2017.
  8. Together with her siblings, GoldenGlare collaborated with LaurenzSide for a Twitch stream.
  9. In July 2019, GoldenGlare, together with her siblings and other Krew members ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, LunarEclipse, and DraconiteDragon, participated in VidCon 2019.
  10. All of her siblings have distinct vibrant hair colors, which is also one of their characteristic features.
  11. She tends to opt for dyeing her hair blonde.


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