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Erika Costell
Erika Costell / Instagram
About Erika Costell
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateNovember 121992
Zodiac SignScorpio
Eye ColorGreen

Who Is Erika Costell?

Erika Costell is an American singer and internet personality who gained fame as part of Team 10, a social media collective. She is also a model, affiliated with DAN Talent Group Inc., Wilhelmina International, and Ideal Fit Models, with a notable focus on swimwear, fitness, and lingerie photography. Erika is widely recognized for her association with the social group Team 10.

How Many Social Media Followers Does She Have?

She has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram (@erikacostell) and over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel (@ErikaCostell).

What Are The Educational Details Of Erika Costell?

Erika attended Middle Tennessee State University and successfully graduated with a degree in business administration.

What Is The Height Of Erika Costell?

She is about 5 feet 7 inches or 170.18 cm tall.

Who Is In Her Family?

Her mother is nicknamed Angel, and she has 12 siblings.

What Is Her Birthplace?

She was born in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

Has She Endorsed Any Brand?

As a top-tier model, Erika has been involved in modeling campaigns for numerous clothing brands, including Calvin Klein, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, and Natalia Fedner.

Does Erika Costell Have A Boyfriend?

She dated Jake Paul. Erika and Jake’s relationship surprised many when they wed in Las Vegas in June 2017. Initial doubts due to Jake’s reputation for pranks were dispelled with honeymoon vlogs and an anniversary video.

A breakup video in July 2017 was later revealed as clickbait. They officially split in November 2018. Dating rumors resurfaced in early 2021 when Jake posted a video with Erika on his social media.

Erika Costell Facts

  1. Erika has the phrase ‘fear ends where faith begins’ tattooed on the left side of her torso.
  2. During her high school and college years, Erika was a cheerleader and had an impressive 11-year tenure as a cheerleader.
  3. Erika was introduced to the world of professional modeling by her first manager, Larry Murdock. She frequently acknowledges that she owes a great deal to Larry, who has unfortunately passed away.
  4. She often asserts that she was the inaugural member of Team 10, a prominent social media collective featuring numerous well-known social media personalities. Her role within Team 10 was as an operations officer.
  5. Erika has a deep affection for goats and even has a pet goat she fondly named “Twinklebuddy.”
  6. Erika received the Teen Choice Award for “Music Web Star” in 2018.
  7. In 2020, Erika initiated a record label called BIA Entertainment, which she described as “a music label by women, for women.”


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