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Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie / Instagram
About Destiny Marie
OccupationInstagram Star
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateNovember 42002
Zodiac SignScorpio
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is Destiny Marie?

Destiny Marie stands out as a prominent figure in the realm of American social media, where she has established herself as more than just a personality. This multifaceted individual has made a mark as an Instagram sensation, YouTuber, model, and creative content producer. Her rise to fame can be attributed to the captivating content she shares, particularly focusing on fashion, beauty, makeup, and modeling.

Through her diverse and engaging content, Destiny has successfully cultivated a substantial fan base across various social media platforms. Her influence extends beyond the screen, resonating with a broad audience who appreciates her unique perspective on style, beauty trends, and the art of modeling. In the dynamic world of social media, Destiny continues to captivate followers with her creativity, making her a noteworthy presence in the online landscape.

What Is Destiny Marie’s Real Name?

Her real name is Destiny Salazar, but she is better known as Destiny Marie.

How Many Social Media Followers Does She Have?

She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram (@dessxmx) and over 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel (@destinymarie7409).

What Is The Height Of Destiny?

She is about 5 feet 5 inches or 165.10 cm tall.

Who Is In Her Family?

Her mother is Leslie S. She has two younger sisters, two older sisters, and a brother.

Has She Endorsed Any Brand?

She has showcased and supported brands such as Fashion Nova, LASH EXTENSIONS, SEVEN the label, and BPM through endorsements and promotional efforts.

Does Destiny Have A Boyfriend?

She has been romantically involved with Carlos Mena since the year 2018.

Destiny Marie Facts

  1. She launched her own YouTube channel, named after herself, on July 19, 2017.
  2. She has acknowledged Kylie Jenner as her source of inspiration and role model.
  3. If Destiny could possess a superpower, she expressed a desire to be able to read people’s minds.
  4. In the event of a house fire, Destiny has mentioned that the three items she would prioritize saving are her phone, charger, and eyelashes.
  5. She has expressed a dislike for mathematics, naming it as her least favorite subject during her school years.
  6. Destiny has maintained friendships with individuals such as Lauren Kettering, Devyn Kohl, and Alex Guzman.
  7. She started her Instagram account in November 2017.
  8. Destiny has gained popularity for her stylish, glamorous, and beauty-focused modeling and photo blogging content.


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