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Colby Brock
Colby Brock / Instagram
About Colby Brock
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateJanuary 21997
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Eye ColorBlue

Who Is Colby Brock?

Colby Brock is a notable American social media influencer, recognized for his concise 6-second videos initially shared on the Vine account titled “Sam & Colby,” a collaborative effort with his close friend Sam Golbach.

Subsequently, in 2016, Colby launched his own YouTube channel under his name. On this channel, he started sharing a variety of content including vlogs, pranks, reactions to supernatural content, challenges, and features.

What Is Colby Brock’s Full Name?

His full name is Cole Robert Brock, but he is better known as Colby Brock.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He has more than 4 million followers on Instagram (@colbybrock), over 2 million followers on X (@colbybrock), and more than 5 million followers on TikTok (@colbybrock).

His personal YouTube channel (@colbybrock) has a subscriber count of more than 4 million, while his collaborative YouTube channel (@samandcolby) with his friend, Sam, has over 13 million subscribers.

What Is His Net Worth?

In 2023, he had a net worth of about $3 million.

What Are The Educational Details Of Colby?

Colby attended Blue Valley High School in Kansas, where he participated in the high school band by playing the clarinet.

What Is The Height Of Colby?

He is about 5 feet 11 inches or 180.34 cm tall.

Who Is In His Family?

He has an older brother named Gage Brock and an older sister, in his family.

What Is His Birthplace?

He was born in Stanley, Kansas, United States.

Does Colby Have A Girlfriend?

Colby was previously involved in a significant romantic relationship with a girl, but he chose not to disclose her name.

Colby Brock Facts

  1. During their high school years, Sam and Colby both harbored feelings for the same girl, who happened to be the drummer in the school band.
  2. At 18 years old, he relocated to Los Angeles with his friend Sam, seeking to establish a career rather than pursuing a traditional college education.
  3. Colby is a founding member of a website known as The Life Project, where individuals can learn about maintaining a joyful lifestyle through online video content.
  4. He holds admiration for women who possess self-confidence and a strong personality.
  5. Colby, along with YouTubers Sam Golbach, Jake Webber, Aaron Doh, Corey Scherer, and Devyn Lundy, lived together in a shared house in Los Angeles.
  6. In February 2023, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and by July 2023, he announced that he had successfully overcome the illness and was cancer-free.


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