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Bailey Ballinger
Bailey Ballinger / Instagram
About Bailey Ballinger
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateNovember 62007
Zodiac SignScorpio
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is Bailey Ballinger?

Bailey Ballinger, a notable American YouTube sensation and musician, has carved out her identity within the illustrious Ballinger family, renowned for their eponymous YouTube channel which has cultivated a substantial following.

Bailey’s journey into the limelight commenced with her endearing contributions to her father’s channel, notably through the segment titled “Bailey’s Book Shelf.” Viewers were quick to fall in love with her charm and delightful persona, prompting Bailey to take a step further and embark on her own YouTube venture. In the span of just one year, Bailey successfully launched her personal channel, aptly named “Bailey Ballinger.”

How Many Social Media Followers Does She Have?

She has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram (@baileyballingerofficial) and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube (@BaileyBallingerVlogs). Her family’s YouTube channel (@BallingerFamily) has more than 3 million subscribers.

What Is Her Net Worth?

In 2023, she had a net worth of about about $2 million.

What Are The Educational Details Of Bailey?

Her education has been facilitated through homeschooling, overseen by her mother.

What Is The Height Of Bailey?

She is about 4 feet 8 inches or 139.7 cm tall.

Who Is In Her Family?

Christopher Ballinger is her father and Jessica is her mother. She has five younger brothers named Jacob, Parker, Duncan, Luke, and Teddy.

What Is Her Birthplace?

She was born in California, United States.

Bailey Ballinger Facts

  1. She made her debut in her aunt Colleen‘s vlog at the age of 1, subsequently becoming a regular presence on the channel.
  2. Her inaugural appearance on her father’s channel transpired in February 2014, showcased in a video titled “Duet with Bailey.”
  3. Bailey has leveraged the techniques and guidance from both her aunts and her father to propel her own channel to the substantial success it enjoys today.
  4. Bailey has been an active member of a choir, showcasing her musical talents by singing solo songs as well.
  5. One of her more widely-viewed videos goes by the title “Bailey’s Diva Meltdown.”
  6. In the vlogs featured on Bailey’s Book Shelf, she consistently provided reviews of books from her bookshelf, typically covering a new one each week. These reviews uniquely offered insights entirely from a child’s perspective.


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