Az Tannerites Age, Facts, Family, Biography, Career

Az Tannerites
Az Tannerites / Instagram
About Az Tannerites
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth DateJune 42012
Zodiac SignGemini
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is Az Tannerites?

Az Tannerites is a rising star in the realm of YouTube, gaining recognition as the second youngest offspring of renowned YouTubers Sarah and Johnny Tannerites, the founders of the family-oriented YouTube channels Yawi Vlogs and Tannerites. In addition to this distinction, he holds the position of the second oldest among their sons, solidifying his significance within the family dynamic.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He boasts an impressive follower count surpassing 7 million on the family’s YouTube channel (@Tannerites), and his contribution to their vlog channel (@YawiVlogs) has garnered a substantial subscriber base exceeding 2.5 million.

What Is The Height Of Az Tannerites?

He is about 4 feet 4 inches or 132.07 cm tall.

Who Is In His Family?

He recognizes Johnny Tannerites as his father, while his mother is affectionately referred to as Sarah. Within his family structure, he shares his journey with an older brother named Branson and is also fortunate to have four older sisters named Allie, Daniell, Savannah, and Lizzy. Additionally, his family is completed by a younger brother named Canyon, further enriching their shared experiences.

Az Tannerites Facts

  1. Among his companions, he shares his life with a number of pets, including his dogs named Charlie and Sky.
  2. Az’s journey began at a young age, as he was merely 3 years old when his parents initiated the YouTube channel Tannerites in July 2015.
  3. During the year 2016, Azbury Tanner’s family actively participated in the “CVX Live’s Next Big YouTuber Contest.”
  4. During his childhood, Az harbored a fear of chickens.
  5. Az has a preference for popcorn over lollipops.
  6. He holds a deep fondness for his older brother, Branson.


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