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AnEsonGib / Instagram
About AnEsonGib
Birth PlaceSaudi Arabia
Birth DateJuly 41996
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColorDark Brown

Who Is AnEsonGib?

AnEsonGib is a British-Saudi Arabian YouTuber, content producer, and pugilist renowned for the FIFA-themed gaming material he shares on his YouTube channel, which goes by the name AnEsonGib. He is a prominent figure in the YouTube FIFA gaming community, offering various content videos such as unpacking packs, undertaking challenges, showcasing ultimate teams, and much more.

In addition to his gaming content, he has engaged in high-profile boxing matches against fellow online personalities and he has also produced several videos providing commentary on his own boxing bouts.

What Is AnEsonGib’s Real Name?

His real name is Ali Loui Al-Fakri, but he is better known as AnEsonGib.

How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have?

He has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (@AnEsonGib), over 1.5 million followers on Instagram (@anesongib), and more than 1.5 million on X (@AnEsonGib).

What Is The Height Of AnEsonGib?

He is about 5 feet 11 inches or 180.33 cm tall.

AnEsonGib Facts

  1. His rise to prominence in the online gaming world occurred when he engaged in FIFA 14 wager matches against fellow YouTubers KSI and Wroetoshaw.
  2. His alias, “AnEsonGib,” is actually a clever reversal of “Big Nose Na.”
  3. He became a part of the YouTube community on August 18, 2012, when he launched his channel under the name “AnEsonGib.”
  4. AnEsonGib shared one of his initial posts on Instagram on November 11, 2014.
  5. In addition to his YouTube career, he has ventured into the world of boxing and has faced off against various YouTubers, including MaxPlaysFifa, Jay Swingler, Jake Paul, and Tayler Holder.
  6. He went up against Tayler Holder in a boxing bout in June 2021. Initially, the fight concluded with a majority draw, but two days later, the result was overturned, and Gib was officially declared the winner. The event hosts issued an apology for the initial error.
  7. In January 2020, Jake Paul won by TKO in just 2 minutes and 18 seconds in the first round itself. Gib’s friends and coach Viddal cited various factors for the loss.


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